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Not being able to figure out exactly what my clients are talking about is frustrating.  It is even worse over the phone where communication can be even harder.

What if there was an easy way that we could both be in separate locations seeing the exact same screen, and maybe even seeing each other!

We use GoToMeeting extensively in Affinigent and Spiffy.  We are so dependant on it that we have created simple 5 step guide to using GoToMeeting. This helps our clients get more comfortable and it will help you get ‘up to speed’ on this amazing technology. Like most technologies, it is hard to use until you know how. Once you know, it is second nature.

See that the client sees: 
Spiffy provides support for the content management system DNN and many times we get phone calls from people with a particular issue concerning their site, but we look at the site and it looks fine to us. We need to see what our client sees. Jumping on a go-to meeting is a great way to see exactly what our clients are talking about.

Teach by example: 
Many of our clients request training in how to use DNN and its modules and a lot of them are on the other side of the country. With Go-To Meeting, we can share our screen and show them exactly how to use their new website AND we can even give the client control so they can try out what they learned right then and there. It’s a powerful tool for teaching.

Record Meetings: 
Many of our meetings go into a lot of detail and even though everyone is taking notes, it’s nice to have that recording to refer to so we can make sure that we’re doing exactly what was spoken about during the meeting. 

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