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10 Things

That make DNN Websites Better

10 Things that make DNN websites betterGet our PDF tutorial "10 Things" we think will make lots of DNN sites better. The Spiffy team has been working with DNN for years and this list includes "how we do it" for all 10 items! 


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Whether it's DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) troubleshooting, upgrading DNN to version 6 or 7, DNN design,  DNN skinning, custom DNN module programming or just general help throughout your project, we've got you covered. If you need 20 minutes or 20 hours, the Spiffy Web Team can solve your DNN (DotNetNuke) problems. We're here to give you exactly the help you need. Get now!..

When developing a website my mind always tends to prioritize the sections of that website somewhere between "put lots of work into this cause its important" and "I'll give some of this time budgeted for his to the more important stuff." For years, web forms always manage to fall into the latter - but they really shouldn't. Why put all that time into the call to action just to turn your users off when they actually get to the action. Well here are three quick and easy things that you can keep in mind when developing and designing those forms.


If your business does any marketing at all on the Internet, you should consider using Pay per Click (PPC) advertising as one tool available to you.


The other night while visiting some friends I handed out some of the M&M packs that Spiffy gave out during the Day of DotNetNuke a week earlier. This prompted one of them, a networking tech, to ask how scalable DNN was and whether it could handle large, high traffic websites?


We've compiled a list of all of our video blog posts up until this point


Once a business makes the commitment to dive in to the twittersphere they may think what should I do next? This is a common question that comes up so I have compiled some do’s and don’ts when it comes to entering the social realm.


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